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Adirondack trip

To celebrate July 4th this year, we did an all-American roadtrip weekend. From the city we drove upstate to Saratoga Springs and then up into the Adirondacks. We stayed in Lake Placid, took in all the Olypic history, and did the 11-mile Avalance Lake hike. The mountains and scenery were beautiful and incredibly lush, thick with summertime greenery. It was an overcast weekend (as the rest of the East Coast was swept with hurricanes) but somehow the ominous clouds and hovering mist only added more mistique to the landscape.

adirondack lake 2.png
adirondack 2.png

We ferried across Lake Champlain to Burlington, Vermont where (post-storms) the skies were an intesnse blue and clouds looked as if they had ben painted into the sky.


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