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Fresh Conch Salad on the Exumas

Jake and I recently got back from our long-weekend trip to the bahamas. we stayed in nassau but got to do some adventuring and were able to island hop to rose island, the exumas, and blue lagoon island.

exuma island was my favorite, helped along by our newest friend jason who made fresh conch salad for us. This entailed snorkeling out into the channel first catch some conch - a thrilling and terrifying endeavor as we had just watched shark wrangling in those very waters a few minutes before ! although we had a few shark sightings while snorkeling, we didn't have any run-ins (whew!)

once all the conch were collected, jason brought out a table, placed it in the shallow waters and started chopping up delicious fresh ingredients.. ripe tomato, onion, green and red peppers, lime, orange and a new discovery.. the goat pepper (This little guy is tiny but not to be underestimated). jason expertly cracked the conch using a chisel and knife and ... voile! fresh, wriggling, live conch.

a few minutes later, after some cleaning, chopping, and salt and pepper seasoning, our conch salad was served.

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