F E L A !   o n   B R O A D W A Y

designed + handmade


Tony Award winner for Best Costumes 2011

Eugene O'Neil Theatre, NYC (2010 - 2011)
National Theatre of London (2011)
US and International Tour (2012)

Saycon Necklace

Shell, plastic, beads, fringe stitched on felt

Playbill with credits
Jill Necklace

Shell, bone, plastic, beads, ribbon, mesh and fabric stitched on felt

Nicolette Necklace

Beads, metal and hand-dyed fringe stitched on felt with wool trim

Oneika Necklace

Elastic, mesh, shell, metallic leather and hand-dyed fringe

Elesea Necklace

Hand stitched fabric and gold leaf on felt

Shaniqua Necklace

Rubber PVC tubing with metal, wood beads and leather trim


Hand-dyed fringe hairpiece on Lauren

Funmilayo Earrings

Metal and metallic fringe


Silk Metallic Fringe Earrings

Hattie Necklace

Metal, wool trim, bone, and feathers on felt

Amiee Necklace

Metal plate, bone, beads and gold leaf on felt with leather tie

Shakira Necklace

Metal chain, beads, gold leaf stitched on felt

Fela Chain
Rhian Necklace

Woven gold lame cord with beads, shell, leather trim, and plastic horns covered in gold lame

Oceana Necklace

Coral, shell, wood beads, bone beads on felt with wool fringe trim

Imgeanu Necklace

Wooden painted bead, cowery shells, leather trim, glass beads on left with wool trim and fringe.

Laqua Necklace

Layers of wooden, glass and shell beads on spandex and felt with gold lurex lame trim

Rujeko Necklace

Soft braided spandex necklace.

Classic Nigerian Beaded Collar

Leather, wool, wood, glass and metal bead on felt.

Farina Neckalce

Wood, fabric, metal beads with wool and silk trim on felt.

Hand-dyed Fringe Bib

Nolina Earrings

Hollowed metal and foil stone on felt

Leyla Fringe Earring

Hand-dyed fring

Silvana Earrings

Leather, metal and fabric/leather mixed silk printed fringe

Hadiya Earring

Metal, bone, and bead with wool trim on felt

Coralie Earring

Wood, wire, and bead

Damisi Earrings

Shell inlay beads on felt

Tali Earrings

Fabric, mesh metal and silk rope fringe

Sonya Earring

Shell on felt with pearl, turquoise and gold lead

Water Single Earring

Pearl, shell and gold leaf

Fulani Earrings

Balsa wood with glass, wood and acrylic beads

Squid Eye Earring

Hand-dyed silk fringe, metal beads on nylon thread

Abena Earring

Foil stone and metal stampings on felt

Sonya Earrings

Cut out leather, mesh and spandex

Abeni Earring

Shell with silk and metallic leather trim

Larana Earring

Silk embroidery on felt, wool trim and PVC tubing


Silk embroidery on felt, mesh, spandex and metallic leather


Metal and fringed leather

Kafi Earrings

Vinyl paper earrings (lightweight)

Asya Earring

Shell with metallic silk fringe

Classic Nigerian Cuff

Leather and wool trim on felt.

Ifetayo Bangle Set

Wood, metal, seed bead, and glass bead bracelets

Anyano Bracelet

Hand-painted wooden beads

Phiroza Wide Cuff

Metallic woven leather with hand-stitched beads and stampings on felt

Kali Fringe Armband

Hand-dyed silk fringe nad spandex on felt

Freya Bracelet

Printed Silk trims and metallic leather with magnetic lurex felt closure

Kifaa Cage Cuff

Metallic leather, felt, velcro

Kibali Cuff

Mesh on felt with shell and acrylic beads

Jokha Fringe Armband

Hand-dyed fringe with elastic

Elesea Armband

Grosgrain, chain, bone, bead, patches and wool trim on felt with elastic back

Kamili  Armband

Metallic leather, mesh, grosgrain and fringe on felt with elastic back

Adele Arm Cuff

Magnetic mesh band with bone beads and talisman and wool fringe

Hattie Bracelet

Magnetic bracelet with metallic leather and bone beads stitched on felt

Aymee Bracelet Set

Black-light cooperative set of four bracelets with elastic

Saycon Belt

Grosgrain, metallic leather, fringe, beads, chain and shell on felt base

Tooth Ring

Wooden bead and metal wire